Some of our raving fans:

Top-notch in every aspect of their business, and a pleasure to work with.
— Lauren Mackler, renowned coach, consultant, speaker, educator, and international bestselling author.
When planning the migration of my website to Squarespace I became overwhelmed with all I would have to know and the hours that would be involved in making the switch. I am so thankful I found Squeakworks! From the first email response from them I knew this was the company to trust. Not only did they do a flawless job of moving hundreds of pages of content and links, but they created a design for the site that is clean and fresh.

Once the migration was made, they took an extraordinary amount of time to teach me how to use some of the key features in Squarespace, and I was able to begin adding new content to my site with confidence. Squeakworks was just a perfect partner for my Squarespace website needs.
— Jones Loflin, author and speaker
Great service, highly knowledgable, and very collaborative!
— Erica Golden, career coach, talent strategist, speaker and author
Squeakworks was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. They took the time to explain anything and everything we needed throughout the process and their pricing is very competitive. Squeakworks was always looking out for what was best for us and our business and was honest with us in everything. If you’re considering doing a website yourself, seriously consider hiring an expert. I’ve done it both ways and the simple lack of stress involved makes it worth every penny.
— Nicole P.
Squeakworks is awesome. Super prompt.
— George R
Squeakworks was great to work with...very patient, user friendly and great work!
— Julie M.
They do great work and are super responsive, easy to communicate with and flexible.
— Billy Q.
Because of the excellent communication they are able to provide a great finished product for those of us who are not able to even attempt to create a website.. Also, when your site is up they are very efficient in troubleshooting and fixing your web site issues quickly. They have been great helping both me and my husband with out website/design needs. We are very happy to recommend Squeakworks to everyone!.
— Liz H
Easy to use and fast.
— Ted G.
10 out of 10
— Drew G.
Simple and quick. Squeakworks did exactly what I asked for and made it better.
— Chance H.
Excellent. Absolutely no complaints.
— Darren B.
Squeakworks provided me with a clear explanation of the available routes to address my obstacles. They put something together quite quick to remedy the problem saving me a bunch of money. Best part..they analyzed the issue and gave me a great price quote before starting.
— Kevin M.
Nicely done.
— Michael B.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and generous with his time and expertise. I feel like I’ve found someone who helped me with an immediate need but will also be an awesome resource for upcoming projects.
— Sarah P.
Squeakworks found a solution for my business; they are very clear and effective at executing the outlined job. Cheers
— David D.